Professor Gordon Walker (Lancaster University)
Professor Rosaleen Duffy (School of Oriental and African Studies – University of London)
Dr. Giovanni Bettini (Lancaster University)
Dr Bram Buscher (International Institute of Social StudiesThe Hague)
Dr Ben Neimark (Lancaster University)
Dr. Jose Antonio Cortes Vasquez (University of Manchester)
Professor Nigel Clark (Lancaster University)
Professor Gavin Hilson (University of Surrey)
Dr John Childs (Lancaster University)
Alan Webster (Lancaster University)
Dr James Fraser (Lancaster University)
Professor Phil Woodhouse (University of Manchester)
Dr Padraig Carmody (Trinity College Dublin)
Dr Jennifer Baka (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Dr Rebecca Ellis (Lancaster University)
Professor Thomas Sikor (University of East Anglia)
Dr Saskia Vermeylen (Lancaster University)
Dr Liam Campling (Queen Mary, University of London)
Shane McGuinness (Trinity College Dublin)
Guy Crawford (Lancaster University)
Enieke-akpo Anesah (Lancaster University)
James McQuilken (University of Surrey)
Steffen Mirza Fischer (Queen Mary, University of London)
Jessica Hope (University of Manchester)
Anne Toomey (Lancaster University)


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