September 2014 Conference Podcasts

We are in the process of making available some of the talks given at the Political Ecology conference in September.  Please continue to visit this page as more talks are uploaded.

Download mp3 of talk by Keynote speaker Professor Rosaleen Duffy (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London),  Environmental governance: from global markets to global security

Download mp3 of talk by Dr Padraig Carmody (Trinity College Dublin) & Professor David Taylor’s (National University of Singapore), “It is easy to  rule a poor man”: The political ecology of land grabbing and  environmental change in Uganda

Download mp3 of talk by Dr Liam Campling (Queen Mary, University of London) & Elena Baglioni (Queen Mary, University of London), Towards a political economy of natural resources: historicizing commodity chains through commodity frontiers and the state

Download mp3 of talk by Dr. Jose Antonio Cortes Vasquez (University of Manchester), Protected areas and the expansion of neoliberal capitalism in Europe

Download mp3 of talk by Professor Thomas Sikor (University of East Anglia) & Cam Hoang (Institute of Cultural Studies – Vietnam),  REDD+ on the rocks: Conflict over forest and politics of justice in Vietnam 

Download mp3 of talk by Dr Ben Neimark (Lancaster University) & Dr Bradley Wilson (West Virginia University), The fate of the collectors: Biodiversity inventories, scientific labour, and conservation commodities

Download mp3 of talk by Dr. Shane McGuinness  (Trinity College Dublin), The political ecology of crop raiding: effects of distal factors on human-wildlife conflict in northern Rwanda

Download mp3 of talk by Jessica Hope (University of Manchester), Negotiating the Isiboro Secure Indigenous Territory and National Park (TIPNIS), Bolivia: mobilisations of indigeneity for territory, conservation and power



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